Food Safety

Tomato planting-collecting-production-repacking-sales

Executing Quality Product Strategy, we strictly follow HACCP system and Laws of Agriculture Department of China to ensure fresh, clean and pollution-free raw tomatoes

Stipulate Pollution-free clause in plantation contract.

Keep enhancing farmers’ consciousness on pollution-free plantation;

Farmers are strictly requested to only use the fertilizer and pesticide which provided by us.

Fertilize and pesticide spray in unified arrangements

Weekly inspection to ensure pesticide residues under the control-line during the crop.

No cotton planting near

The implementation of strict quality inspection and GMO detection

Executing ISO9001 system and HACCP system.

Carefully operating in each sector from planting, material collecting, processing to packing and transporting:

Executing the following management rules:

Sanitation rules

Personnel training Plans

Operational handbook

Quality inspection rules

Product Coding system traceability and recall system